Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 65

Hey everyone!

This week was a great week! We have been busy busy and loving every minute of it! Sister Doxey loves to tract so we have been doing a lot of that! And we have been meeting a lot of really cool people that way too! 

We are teaching Rochelle and the Brown family still! And things seem to be going great for them! They are all planning on being baptized in December! So keep them in your prayers! They are some amazing people! We are also still teaching a lady named Donna- I don't know if I mentioned last week about how she was working on her prayers, but she gets so excited every time she prays. It reminds me every time how special it that we can say prayers and have the communication with our father in heaven! We are so loved by him!

So lately we have been going over to the Canterberry's house- a sure cool family in our ward- to read from the Book of Mormon with them. We are doing the 21 day challenge with them. Well last night Sister Canterberry pulled us aside after we read and she told us how grateful she was that we chose that family to read with them because she has already started to see how much happier they have been. And how they get excited to read as a family! 
Guys the Book of Mormon is so cool!!!! 
It seriously changes lives. Even those who are already members. So READ THE BOOK!!!!! Really test it out. Give it a try.. do it!!!!

I'm am also so excited for this week! I get to see the Williams!! And talk to Bill and Kathy!! AND meet one of Sister Doxey's recent converts! It will be a great time! I am looking forward to this week.

Also transfers are next week so stay tuned to see if I stay of if I go!! (Pray I stay) 

Much love!! Make good choices!!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 64

Hey everyone! 
This week seemed to FLY by! It was crazy! It was a good week full of learning though! 

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference, it was a good reminder about the Book of Mormon. There was also some pretty good quotes. "eyes up do the work" and "Let God fight your battles" 
All in all it was a good conference! It helped me and Sis. Doxey out a lot. 

On Wednesday and Thursday we had exchanges. I freakin love Sister Giles! That girl is too funny and a way good missionary! 

We had a super cool experience with fasting and praying this week! We have a lot going on but not a lot happening here and we wanted to change that. So we prayed to know what to do with the investigators we had and who to focus on. Some of our "solid" investigators actually told us that they wanted to slow down, another one was able to recieve personal revelation and things started to click in her head and so she is focusing on certain things to work on to improve. But the coolest thing is that there was a family who we taught last week and hadn't had contact with them this week, and they showed up to church! And LOVED it! and as a family are working on getting better and looking for a baptism date and praying about it! It was really cool to see how God was able to show us where our focus needs to be. (I actually don't know if that made any sense now but just know God answered our prayers)

Saturday was Sister Doxey's birthday and she wanted to tract for it... so that's exactly what we did.. we spent about 5 hours that day tracting.. She had a good time and we actually met a really cool lady out of it! 

It was a good week! Remember that God does answer our prayers. Sometimes we don't take the time to listen though.. So take a minute after you pray to be still and listen. 
As always a friendly reminder- Read the Book of Mormon! It's amazing and it's changed my life so I know it will change anyone's!! 

Love you all!!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 63


This week was a very busy week! We were able to be out finding a lot this week and we were able to meet some stellar people who are so open to the gospel! What a blessing! Rochelle is still doing awesome! She was able to go to a baptism this week and see the glow that people have when they choose to follow the example of Christ. Whoa! It was amazing! She is all excited for her upcoming baptism as well! It's not for another month but she is ready and excited! She is also a bomb missionary already! She is bringing all of her friends to church and trying to help them understand the restoration of the gospel its pretty neat!

Something crazy that happened this week! Well actually a lot of crazy things happen every week! But 2 crazy things! So 1- it dropped like 30' over night! Now its cold! And there isn't even snow! But then the 2nd crazy thing! So we were trying former investigators and knocked on a door and the lady was like uh she doesn't live here but you can come back and teach me and my sons about God. So we went back, invited them to church, they came AND they have read half of fist Nephi on their own! #MIRACLES! 

I was also readying this week in Ether about the Brother of Jared and his faith. Holy his faith was amazing! I was also reading Elder Holland's conference talk, Be ye therefore perfect- eventually and i was just thinking about my faith and how i can continually work on it and build it. and while i was reading the talk i realized that its okay that its not perfect but as long as i am trying to improve and be better each day things will work out. And that's how it is! As we work each day to be better and improve ourselves that's enough. And how cool is that! We have the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help us when we fall short! Super cool! 

I can't believe it's already time for the Holidays! Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday Lang! 

Have a great week! And don't forget to read the scriptures! 
Oh one more thing! We talked about the Living Christ in church yesterday, and how we were invited to study it and in the Ensign there are nifty little helpers to help families study and learn it! I highly suggest doing that.. and a question they asked us to ponder yesterday that I'll ask you- Who is Jesus Christ to you?

Love you!
Sister DeCamp​

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 62

Hey everyone!
This week has been soo good! We have been working really hard to build our teaching pool! And we are definitely seeing the Lord's hand in our work and our efforts! It's been amazing!

So yesterday we had this CRAZY rainstorm! Like super crazy and we were under tornado warning and flash flood warning. But we decided that we should go see one of our families who is investigating the church and see if they were okay and still coming to church. Should we have traveled in that weather? Probably not? Did we see them and get them to church? Yes we did! And it was such a spiritual experience. the numbers were few because of the crazy weather but the spirit was so strong! And Donna and her little boy LOVED it all! It was pretty cool because they had to do the sacrament prayer a couple of times and I was able to explain to Donna why and how sacred the sacrament is. And then as I was doing that Elder Christofferson's talk in conference pooped into my head about how each piece of bread is unique like all of us. Every single person is unique and that is so true. So when I was able to take the sacrament it was a special moment for me. Because of all the crazy weather and conferences I haven't been able to take the sacrament in about 4 weeks... it's amazing how much partaking of the sacrament can help you and refresh you! I am SO grateful for the sacrament!! 

We also were able to set Donna and her boys with a baptismal date to work toward! They are so excited about the gospel. It's amazing to see how the gospel can truly effect someones life! And how good it is! This gospel is so amazing! Sister Doxey and I have been talking a lot about points of the gospel, and one that has stood out to me a lot is repentance. Because it's true - through grace we are saved, AFTER all we can do! And something we can do is to repent! Repentance isn't a scary thing, it's simply making a change in your life to help you get closer to God. And every time we do repent it is so worth it! It's the little things that can help us. So one little thing can be to just read from the Book of Mormon more, or have more sincere prayers. It's by small and simple things are great things brought to pass! What little thing can you work on this week?

Have a stellar week!!!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 61

Hey everyone!

I am now in Long Beach Mississippi! It's the coolest! I am loving it! I am less than 2 miles from the lets hope another hurricane doesn't come! My new companion is Sister Doxey! She is a sweetheart and hitting her 11 month mark TODAY! So that's exciting! She is a stellar missionary and a super hard worker! That girl isn't giving me anytime to breathe! It's great! We have a really awesome investigator name Rochelle! She is planning on getting baptized on November 4th! We are so excited for her about that! When I first met her I thought she was already a member! She is bringing the gospel to everyone she meets! It's been a blast getting to know her this week! I'm super looking forward to being able to work with her more!

Something SUPER AWESOME that happened this week! They reorganized the Slidell Louisiana Stake and so ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON of the Quorum of the 12 was here! The spirit he brought into the conference was incredible! Every single person the spoke talked about the Book of Mormon and the strength that it gives us. It's so true! The Book of Mormon is powerful and it can help us in so many ways. I have been able to strengthen my testimony and grow closer to my Savior and Father in Heaven by reading it! 

So I have been studying a few of teh recent conference talks this past week and one really stood out to me. It's called Do we Trust Him? Hard is Good- And I love this talk! Do we trust the Lord? Because he trusts us! And hard times and trials are a blessing. Sometimes we don't see it that way, I know that I definitely don't all the time. But those hard times help us and can make us better if we let them. One thing about this that i loved was that it said that hard was the constant. and if you think about it it really is, things will always be hard for us or can be hard for us. But the variable is how we react to that hard! hard is part of the plan. We just chose how we react to hard! Something good to ponder on this week! How will you react to hard?

Well I hope that you all have a great week! And don't forget to do the simple things like pray and read your scriptures. The simple things are what help us overcome out weaknesses! 

Love you!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 60

Hey everyone!
So we got transfer calls and Sis. Hunt is staying in Sumrall and I will be leaving. I am so excited to see where I will go next! But I am so sad to say goodbye to Sumrall, the Oak Grove ward, the Williams, and Sis. Hunt. Every time I get moved it's weird. I feel like I am leaving a little piece of my heart there. But that's okay because each place also has a special spot in my heart! 

This week was insane! There was a hurricane and the Gulfport missionaries came up and spent Saturday and some of Sunday with us. That was really fun even though there was a big storm! Just kept making memories! It was so much fun! 

We also went out this week with the Rayborns. They are this super cute old couple and they took us out to dinner to a really nice restaurant and got us Flaming yon! Wow best steak i have ever eaten! 

This week was good! My Spanish is coming along and Antonio's English is getting better! He is also praying about baptism! He's such a cool guy! I'm pumped that Sis. Hunt gets to continue teaching him! 

I love you all! Have a happy week. Also enjoy all of these pictures!!

Sis. DeCamp

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 59

Well Hello There!

This week was a great week! We have started teaching a guy named Antonio! But the cool  thing about him is that we are also teaching him english and he is teaching us random spanish words. It's pretty cool how the spirit works though! I know that there is literally no way I could be teaching him english and from the gospel if I didn't have the spirit with me. He called us Chucho colochos and then showed us what he meant... he showed us a picture of a curly haired dog..and could not stop laughing. so now that is what we call each other! Shoutout to Antonio! 

Also how cool was General Conference this weekend!! We were lucky to be able to watch it with some fun members. And we also watched it at the church! It was a great conference! I honestly cannot even tell you what my favorite talk was because I loved all of them! Every single one stood out to me in a different way or answered a question I had. So I just loved all of them! I highly suggest watching, rewatching, reading, studying, and pondering all of the talks. And also Read and STUDY the Book of Mormon. I have learned that there really is a difference in reading and studying. And studying is way better! 

I hope you all have a stellar week! Make good choices. Write me a letter (thats a really good choice)


Sister DeCamp

Also Sister Abril came back to the mission and I got to see her!
And I just love the Williams family!