Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 21

Hey Y'all! 
It was so good to talk yesterday! It sounds like everyone is doing awesome and that makes me really happy! 
So this week we had a few cool experiences that I saved to share, 
1) We had an appointment on the clear other side of town and we didn't have the car- and it was too far to bike, so we ended up getting a ride out there with a member but our ride back fell through. So we just decided that we would tract all the way back to the area we had planned to go tracting in. Well we never made it to the area we wanted, but we were able to teach a lot of other lessons and get 2 new investigators. One of them is name David- he's really cool. We talked to him about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and he said he would look into it a little more and ask us questions when we met with him next. So on Saturday we went over to his house and him and his Wife had a billion questions some we could answer and some were to confusing that even they get messed up on their words. But after bearing our testimony of the Book of Mormon he said that he wanted to read it and find out for himself and that we had touched his heart and made their Christmas. It was a really neat and spiritual experience.
2)On Christmas eve we also met a lady named Taura- she's super cool. We were going to see some appointments and they fell through and she was walking out of her house so we decided to talk to her again ( we had met her the same day we met David earlier this week) She ended up asking us to come and teach her and explain why we were so happy. As we bore our testimonies to her tears brimmed her eyes and she said that she knew what we had would be able to help her heal and help her be happy again. 
3)Also on Christmas eve we went to see Carlene again - I just love her. She has a memory problem and can't remember very much. But we decided that we wanted to read for Luke 2 with her. As we did that she quoted some of the scriptures and told us about how much she loved these scriptures. When we finished talking about why we all loved those verses- she forgot everything and went to talking about how she didn't like her shoes. It was really amazing to see that for just 3 minutes she was actually there with us. The Gospel is true folks!

Thanks for the presents and taco bell card- Sister G and I had some good tacos Christmas eve and a fun morning on Christmas. I won't lie though, I did not have one complaint about it being 74' on Christmas and  It was fun being able to share some of our traditions with each other. I love you all and hope you have a marvelous week! 
Remember how blessed y'all! Count your blessings! You probably have more than you think!
-Sister DeCamp

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 20

Hey Y'all
So this week was awesome! We were able to do a lot of service and meet some awesome people while tracting! We also got a new district plus 2 elders. They are some pretty funny fellas. 
Also this week we got flashed by an 87 year old lady! It was so funny! But It's okay because we still love her. 
Also another funny story is when we were tracting a lady slammed the door in out face and yelled at us through the door that we were Mormon.. We yelled back yes that we were.. It was so funny. She didn't seem amused though. 
Oh one last crazy thing that happened. We were looking for a referrals house and it was a liquor store address... so we went and knocked on a liquor store door. the guy opened it up so confused and we asked if he was our investigator and he laughed at us and said no and then said he lives like 20 more miles away! So we tried to teach the liquor store guy but he wasn't super interested, It was quite funny! 
Well I hope y'all have a great week! I'm excited to talk to ya Sunday! Wahoo! 
Have a blessed week whisker biscuits

-Sister DeCamp

Caroling at a local care center

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 19

Hey Y'all!
This week was a really fun week! We had a lot of appointments and most of them went through! It was a happy day! Also something cool that happened! Elder Mervyn Arnold of the seventy came to our zone conference and it was so spiritual! He is a really cool guy. He talked a lot about finding and planning and how important it is. He also talked about that we shouldn't look back, because the past is in the past. It was a really great meeting and experience. 

Transfer calls came this morning and I will be staying in El Dorado. My home until the end of January and then who knows. I will also be staying with Sister Gunther and finishing her training we are excited for that!

Something out of the ordinary this week. We went to a family fiesta type thing with one of our less-active members named Sarah and WE WERE THE ONLY WHITE PEOPLE THERE!! It was SO funny to see peoples faces when we walked in. It was awesome though because they were doing a lot of their cultural dances!  

-Sister DeCamp

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18

This week was full of trating and finding. Our zone set a goal to find for 11 hours this week with numerous activities besides tracting so we did those as well. Turns out El Dorado is leading the zone in finding and baptizing. So that's pretty nifty.  On Saturday we went out tracting in the POURING rain for about 4 hours. Man am I sure grateful for rain gear and kind ladies in the ward who see us and bring us hot cocoa. 😊 so blessed. 

So a cool story about this week and our 11 hours of finding. 
Sister Gunther and I did not have the car this week so there is sadly not much we can do at night because there are no sidewalks so it's dangerous to be out tracting. We decided to go to Walmart and talk to people and do some AI-ing. Well we also wanted to print off 1 picture. So we go to the photo lab and grab a kiosk real quick and print the picture..... or didn't turns out the one we picked was a 1 hour print. We were a little frustrated but hey we were still going to be there so we walked around and talked to  a few people here and there. No one was really interested.. kind of normal.. well our picture was being close to done so we went and there was a HUGE line ( it was people waiting for layaway? Dont ask me why they were in the photo lab?) so we decided oh well and got in line and that we would talk to people. Well this lady got behind us and I was like I need to talk to her- she seemed to be having a rough day. As I turned around to approach her she got mad at the line and threw her pictures and walked away. I was like uhhh... So i gathered her pictures up and took them to the front. Just when we got to the front of the line the ladys son came up and was being a little stink to the workers saying his mom wanted the pictures and she wanted them now. The workers weren't impressed and said she needed to wait unitl they were done with us. Well we ended up having to move to the electronics checkout for some weird reason and the lady was just glaring and seemed so unhappy. I wasn't about to ruin her day! So I simply asked the workers if I could pay for hers as well as mine. It was like a whole dollar. haha not a big deal. Well I turned around to give the lady her pictures and she was in tears. I was stunned for a few seconds and then began to talk and figure out if I could help in some way. This sweet lady told me that nobody ever does anything nice for her. She said that she felt so unloved right now and much more... I was heart broken to say the least and ended up crying with her in the middle of walmart. But I was able to bare my testimony of God's love for her and of the love that I had for this lady who I didn't even know... Something so simple as buying this ladys pictures helped me help her and share something that she needed to know. 
I have such a testimony of God's timing. He knows everyone of us and he knows exactly what we need. God puts us in the most perfect places at the most perfect times. 

I love being a missionary! I hope y'all have a blessed week! 
Don't forget to # Light The World!!