Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13

Hey y'all! 
This week was quite entertaining! On Monday our STLs came out for PDay and hung out with us! They are some really funny people! And then the missionaries went over to Bishops for a meeting about a new ward mission planand dinner, I LOVE me some southern cooking! Well at least all the cooking I've had thus far. So yummy! And the meeting was really good too!

On Tuesday- it was a strange strange day.. We helped our investigator Pam set up for Christmas! Yeah.. way before Thanksgiving and even before Christmas. But it was fun and quite a day to remember! Then we met with Bill and Kathy! They are awesome! We talked a lot about temples and Kathy said that she wanted to be a temple worker when she grew up! It was so cool!!

On Wednesday we found a new investigator and have actually met with her a few ties this week! She is great! Her name is Sharicia and just a super happy, busy mom! She is a really great person to teach and we see a lot of potential with her! 

On Thursday we had every single one of our appointments keep their appointments! That hardly ever happens so we were busy busy all day! It was so great! And such a blessing from God with how well everyone was progressing! We went to see a less-active member and her daughters( who are not members) and her daughter asked us if we would teach her! She was an answer to our prayers! 

Saturday was our ward Fall Fest! It was a good time and lucky me- I got to be the dessert taste tester to give out prizes. It was a good job to have. There were still some very interesting desserts but not as interesting as some of the chilis that they had... lucked out on my part I guess (;  

It was a good week and I can see the Lord's hand in all things! I definitely felt blessed this week!
I know this church is true and I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much! And I love them!  I was reading Russell M. Nelson's talk this week and there was a quote I really liked about missionary work- that we are out here not to baptize but to bring joy to others! I know that true joy comes from the gospel!

Have a blessed week!!

-Sister DeCamp

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 12

So I lied about the title of this email. There isn't much of a cool story. We had a good week though! We met about 4 new potential investigators and we have return appointments for all of them so that is really exciting! 

We also had the primary program this week and Bill and Kathy were there! They said they could feel the spirit there and it was really a neat experience to see. Little kids are great and have an awesome spirit about them! It made me so grateful to be able to know that my nieces and nephews also have that spirit about them! Families are so great!

Bill and Kathy are also still on date for this next week so hopefully that goes through! 
Say your prayers and remember "TRUST JESUS" - Jeffrey R. Holland

Love ya whisker biscuits 

-Sister DeCamp

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 11

Hey y'all! So this week was a really strange week. A lot happened but at the same time not a lot happened. On Tuesday we met with Bill and Kathy and they asked Brother Smith to baptize them! But they also are wanting to move their baptism forward they just haven't decided on their date yet. So that was super exciting! 
On Wednesday we had ZTM in Monroe and so on the way down we stopped in West Monroe and we got to see where Willie (from duck dynasty) lives and next time we go down we get to stop at their shop! pretty pumped about that! We also stopped across the street from Willies house at a store called the Rebel store. Oh my goodness it is such a funny shop. I definitely live in the south! A good time for sure! After ZTM I went on exchanges with Sister Marble. She's super cool so I got to stay in Louisiana for 2 days! It's a lot bigger of a city than where I am! While I was there I got to paint one of their investigators house purple- like 6 different shades of purple. She was thrilled with it, I would never let a room in my house look like that but hey I don't live there! (: 
Saturday we had a Fish Fry for the ward and that was fun! They fry everything down here.. but I don't mind. It still tastes good! 
We also did a lot of tracting this week. One cool thing that happened is we were in the store doing some good ol AI work and we got chased down and this lady wanted us to teach her and her family so we have been teaching her and her family- we go over twice a week. ( I might have mentioned that last week) Well we decided to do it again because that was pretty cool to have something like that happen and we ended up teaching 4 people in the middle of Walmart! It was so cool! 
Well that was my week... Keep being good!

-Sister DeCamp

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Week 10

Hey y'all!
 I hope everyone was able to watch General Conference this past weekend! If not go watch it. It was so good! I had to opportunity to watch it at Brother and Sister Smith's home with Bill and Kathy and a few other members of the ward. It was a good weekend. We also were out just doing some finding in Walmart and ended up getting chased down by a lady (named Sara)asking if we were the new sisters and if we would come and teach her and her family. Come to find out this lady is a member but doesn't attend and her husband has never really been interested until we came along. So that has been a blessing! We already love her and her family. 

This week it was pretty cold. It got down to like 78* and we were wearing cardigans. 

Bill and Kathy are still progressing amazingly. Oh we got a new DL. He reminds me so much of Tyler Payne! Like looks and personality. It's pretty funny. 

Also we lost our key to the computers so we had to break in to email. It's a pretty cramped space.

Well I hope y'all have a blessed week. 

-Sister DeCamp

Week 9

Hey y'all! This week was so good! And so busy! We were able to set up a booth at the county fair this week to see if it would help us teach more lessons and get our name out there. AND IT WORKED!! We were able to teach over 22 lessons this week! It was stellar! We had so much fun, taught a lot, laughed a lot more, and also got 3 pages of people to contact! It was such a cool experience! Since we were there so much we got to talk to a lot of the other people that were having booths, although a lot of them weren't really interested in our church they were interested in us and why we chose to serve missions and so even those conversations were good testifying opportunities and we got a LOT of free things out of it lol. Sister Abril and I both got 4 t-shirts 3 bracelets, a lot of candy, free meals, and had people offer to give us rides if we ever needed it. The blessings of being a missionary (; But the cool thing too was that we made some really good friends who we probably will call for rides because those are good teaching opportunities! (: 

Bill and Kathy (our gators who are getting baptized) asked if there was a baptism close that they could go and see what happens and see what they would wear. Y'all they are the coolest people! I love them so much! 

Funny story! So apparently over in Utah and Wyoming it's a little bit chilly with wind and snow and rain and stuff. Well here it was still in the 90s- like this week was insane! ANYWAY so on Saturday night at the Women's Broadcast (SOOO GOOD!!) it was ridiculously hot and we turned on the A/C and it never got any cooler and so we were dying of heat right? Well on Sunday we got picked up for church and they said that the A/C was broken so church was only got to be 45 minutes. It was so weird! But it was one of the best meetings I've had in a while. It was fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was really strong! So good! 

Welllll that was my week in a nutshell. Oh we have transfers tomorrow and have no fear because Sister Abril and I are staying together in the promised land!!

-Sister DeCamp