Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 33

Hey y'all!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It was a good week! With a lot of tracting! We also had exchanges!
This time for exchanges i went with sister Marble again! It was officially our last one though because she goes home the end of this transfer, She will be missed. 
We have an investigator named Liz on date! She is doing good! And slowly moving forward! But at least she is moving forward! 
On Saturday we were able to go out with a member and visit some less actives. She made it so fun! And we rode in style haha! 
We also were able to go and watch the Womens General Session this week! It was great! I loved how it talked about how we need to Trust in the Lord! They said that multiple times and in every talk! It was great and something that I needed to hear and remember! 
We also had a fun cake this week! Tres Leches! I learned how to make it! So that was exciting! And it was good!! 

Sorry not much to report on this week! But enjoy watching Conference this week and see what you can learn and change! We are all here to be better and change so we can come closer to Christ!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 32

Hey y'all! 

Spring is finally in the air here! We hit a cold snap last week but this week has been beautiful! Sunny and in the 70-80s just the perfect temp for tracting! Which is a lot of what we have been doing this week! I actually like tracting sometimes because you meet some WEIRD people and get some really funny stories out of it! 

I got a new comp this week! Her name is Sister Hope. She is really nice. Turns out somehow we are 4th cousins so that's pretty cool! 

I also got to go on mini-exchanges with Sister Hatch on T-day. She is awesome! 

Yesterday right before Sacrament started, we got asked to teach Relief Society! We were freaking out because we didn't have a book or anything. But we finally got one and when we saw the lesson was on prayer we were grateful. Because we both know of the power of prayer and how wonderful it is. This week I am so grateful for prayer. I know that God loves us and hears our prayers and he will answer them. 

Have a blessed week y'all!

Much love,
Sister DeCamp

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 31

Hey y'all!

This morning we got transfer calls and Sister Frandsen will be leaving me. I'm pretty upset about it because she is pretty neat! And we have a really good time together while working hard! 

This week was pretty good! We worked a lot with members- our focus is trying to build the ward right now before we bring in new people. So we were able to go to a lot of FHEs this week. On Monday night we went to the Carrell's home and we ended up playing slaps and my ring cut Brother Carrell's hand pretty badly. Luckily he did not have to get stitches! Thank goodness! I still feel really bad about it though! 

We also were able to go to a birthday party with some members and do a FHE activity with them which was a really fun time! They said that the next party was mine haha it should be a good time with lots of members! We are pretty pumped for that!

Saturday was freezing! It got down to the low 60s burrr. Safe to say we have acclimated to the warmth! 

Yesterday was a great Sunday! We had some of our L/A we are working with come! It was exciting! 

Well y'all have a blessed week and enjoy some pictures from the week!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 30

Hey Y'all!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! We have here in Texas! It has been a slower week, but good all the same. This week our focus was helping the ward build their testimonies and helping them get more planted in the gospel. The ward here is a very strong ward. So it was great! And yesterday at testimony meeting there were a lot more people who bore their testimonies! 

So some crazy things that happened this week:
Sister Frandsen almost got attacked by a dog! It was really scary but funny at the same time! Luckily the dog didn't bite her, it barely missed! But she's safe!

We went to see a less active and ended up talking a lot about the temple and the scriptures, well she got her scriptures out (they hadn't been used in a while) and there were roaches in them and she ended up flinging them at us- not out of rudeness- but it was horrible! I hate cockroaches! Probably the worst things ever! 

This week I have also come to realize how grateful I am for my family and How I'm thankful for all the examples that have been set for me. Families are so so important. I'm grateful that mine can me forever! 

Have a blessed week y'all! Count your blessing. Also enjoy these fab pictures of my adorable companion and me in are fantastic shirts and this cool picture of me, Elder Holland, and the best mission in the world ( the MJM)

Sister DeCamp