Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 25

Hey y'all!
Transfer calls came bright and early this morning and I will be leaving the City of Gold tonight! It was a bittersweet call but I could not be more excited as to what is in store next! 

This week was a really cool and spiritual week! On Saturday we were able to travel to Jackson Mississippi as an entire mission and meet Elder Jeffrey R. Holland! He truly is an apostle of the Lord! He is also very passionate about missionary work. And his testimony of it is incredible! It was such an amazing and spiritually uplifting experience I will never forget it!  

Also this week we had some amazing progress with a cute couple! Their names are Dustyn and Dakoda and they are just the coolest people ever! We started teaching them about a month ago and this week we talked a lot about baptism but they said they wanted to pray about it and see if it was right for them. Well On Saturday night they took us out to eat and said they were feeling good about it but wanted a little more time to pray and really make sure. On Sunday they came to church and I told them I was leaving. They told me that I had to come back for their baptisms which I think took us all at surprise, because they had received their answers! It was the coolest! So hopefully this week they will have a date set and I will be able to figure out a way to make it back for that. (:  

Remember that the Lord ALWAYS answers your prayers, even if it's not exactly the way you thought he would. He is so mindful of us and cares and loves each of us so dearly! 

Have a Blessed week! Don't forget to pray!

-Sister DeCamp

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 24

Hey y'all!

So this week was a really good and busy week. We have been working really hard and it is slowly starting to pay off! This week we were able to find a lot of new investigators. One was a miracle/ tender mercy of the Lord. We have an investigator named Dustyn and he was progressing really really well, then all of a sudden we hit a wall where he was always telling us he was too busy to meet with us and couldn't make our appointments because he would have to go to Louisiana. We were getting really confused. So we decided to just text him and see if he would have time to meet with us for 30 minutes and the ice cream shop in town. He said that would work great and he could do it. Well when we walk up we see him and a girl. We were excited to meet her and found out that is was his girlfriend who he had been helping move here from Louisiana who is really interested in the gospel and has actually taken lessons before! The Lord is great! 

 We also had a pretty neat experience this week with a family! We went tracting and decided to knock on a really pretty house, usually nobody is home or they aren't very accepting, but hey why not try. Well we knocked and they told us to come back is a few days. Usually means no in a kind way. Well we went back and were welcomed in. We got to talking and he said that he had a weird experience when we knocked on his door, That morning he had been looking at moving to Utah of all places and as he was googling it, he happened upon the Church's website and was looking at it. Then we showed up on his front porch! So that was pretty neat! We are now teaching them and they are a really awesome family!

Yesterday we had zone conference and it was such an uplifting day! It's always good to get those nice spiritual boosts!  We were talking about how we can find our answers through the Book of Mormon and it is true. You really can! So if you have a question pray about it read your scriptures write down your answer, pray read some more, revise your answer and apply it to you life. The Lord is mindful of us all and is waiting to bless us! And he will!! 

Have a blessed week! Love y'all!

-Sister DeCamp

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 23

Hey Y'all!
So this week was a week of highs and a week of lows. But it was also a week of learning. We had interviews with President Olson and those always go great, and then we went on exchanges. I was down in Monroe with Sister Saunders and we got the cops called on us! That was really funny. And it has never happened to me yet. We ended up waiting for a while for them to come and they never did so we just left. We went to see one of their recent converts and she is AWESOME! Her name is Chelle. Probably one of the coolest people I've met and she told me that I needed to come down and be one of her missionaries. So that was exciting.   One of our elders ended up going home which is really sad but on the bright side we got a new one yesterday. He seems like he will do good for the area. 
It snowed here! And it was FREEZING! Humidity in the winter is not my favorite thing in the world. Ha. One super cool thing that happened this week was on Saturday both Sister Gunther and I were having bad days and we were at salvation army doing some service and we ran into Dianne! The lady that we met in the store at the beginning of December. Well she ended up telling us just how much we have influenced her life for the better and how because of what we did for her, her whole perspective has changed. And the crazy thing is that you could see the change! 
We were also walking down the street home and some random ward member from a different stake stopped us and gave us 20$ and told us to g get lunch, and then another ward member form our ward saw us walking and gave us a ride. It was a day of blessings. And we both really needed to see that the Lord loved us as much as he does. 
The church is true! The Lord is so mindful of all of us and he really does love each one of us and knows our needs. He hears our prayers! 

Remember to Trust Jesus- Jeffrey R. Holland.

Have a blessed week y'all! 
-Sister DeCamp

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 22

This year I celebrated in the New Year by going to some ward members house and watching them launch fireworks. It was a fun time with good company. In Relief Society we talked a lot about goals that we all set at the beginning of the year and how sometimes by 2 weeks we forget them or have already ruined them. It is so important to set realistic goals! So this year my goals were something that I thought would be challenging and still something I could do and if I mess up then I can restart on them. 
  Something great and exciting this week is that we set Dustin with a date! He is so cool! We have been meeting with him for about a month now and we asked him this last week how he felt when he prayed and read from the Book of Mormon- with tears in his eyes he said that he felt Joy. And it was a feeling that he wanted to keep and wanted in his life. It was such a cool experience.
 Also this past week we met with one of our investigators named Tat ( like tater tot) She is super cool. She is so sincere and just wants to improve her life. She says that every time we come over we bring happiness to her life. And then we have another lady we are teaching named Doris she is older and loves the Book of Mormon, we asked her if she had prayed about the Book of Mormon and she had and she said that she knew that it was true. She is also always talking about our light that we have. This past week so many people have pointed out the light that we have and that we are sharing with others. It is so amazing to hear because we are just being us. We are examples of Christ. So we are radiating with his light. We need to make sure that we are always setting a good example to others so we don't draw them away from the church. I was reading in Alma chapters 3-4 yesterday and it talked about how the pride of the people of the church made it a stumbling block for those not of the church. It was because they were not setting forth a good example. We never know who is watching us so we need to make sure that we are always being a good example even when we think that no one is watching. 

I hope y'all have the best week and make sure to set a good example to everyone you see! You never know who is watching you!  

-Sister DeCamp