Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 37

Hey folks !
This morning we got transfer calls and found out that I will be staying in the lovely Queen City area another transfer. I am pretty pumped because I love it here AND we just found a part member family to start teaching! They live pretty far away so we only get to see them once a week but they are doing awesome right now! The dad and daughter are members and the mom and sons are not. So hopefully they continue to progress! 

This week we got to go up to Texarkana for some service projects. Dad would be proud- It was all boy scouts. A huge 4 state scout-a-rama! And I actually got to meet one of the main guys in charge of scouting. He was very nice. The whole time I was there I just thought about how much he would enjoy it. It was a good time. We were able to meet a lot of people and we were a big help. I learned how to retire a flag too so that was pretty neat!

Today for our P-Day activity we went to a members land, it's massive, and got a tour of it and went berry picking! So now we have a ton of fresh berries and some nice sunburned arms. We also decided that we were going to sleep under the beautiful Texas stars last night in our backyard. The stars are amazing here! A must see. Everything is so close. It really will take your breath away. And we saw some shooting stars too. It was Sister Hope's first time ever seeing one. She was super pumped about that! 

Also we celebrate hump-day this week! It is so crazy to me where time has gone! I love being a missionary. I love that Every member can be a missionary too. Keep that in mind this week!! I don't have any pictures from it because I forgot to charge my camera.. So next week I will be sure to send some! Have a blessed week and be positive!!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 36

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had an awesome Easter and kept in mind the reason why we we celebrate. 

This week we had Zone Conference in Monroe! It was a really good meeting, the only crazy part was we had to drive about 4 hours to get there! We stayed the night in Bossier with the sisters there who are super fun! And then continued on. I love Zone Conferences because I always leaved spiritually pumped and I always leave with questions answered. 

This Easter was one of the best! We were able to spend almost all day with non-members. We actually ate dinner at a pastors house with their family. We talked a lot about why we have Easter. It was really cool. I love how much people here love the Savior. After we went to another ladies house we are starting to teach and we had supper with her and her family, as well as an egg hunt. It reminded me of when I was little and we would hunt eggs in the backyard. Those were some good times! Then we ended the night by going and seeing some awesome members! I loved spending Easter on my mission because I feel a lot closer to him this year. I have had to rely on him so much these past 9 months and I am so grateful for all he has done for me.  

I hope y'all have a blessed week!

Sister DeCamp

1: The Shreveport sisters. I sure love them... I am also wearing heels.. and they are not.. 
2: I might have gotten a pretty cool sunburn on my shins.. Weekly planning outside+bike week..

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 35

Hey y'all! This week was pretty good.

Update on Sister Hope's finger. Not broken! So that was good to hear! 

On Tuesday the coolest thing happened! We decided to go to the Chamber of Commerce to see if they knew of any service hours and we ended up talking with 3 of the workers! 1 had met with missionaries in like 2013 and invited us to come back over to talk and meet with their family, and the other 2 invited us over to have dinner with their families and ask questions about what we believed. It was so exciting! So Thursday we went over for dinner and it was so funny! Justin, one of the family members thought that his family was crazy for inviting us over. But by the time we left he was like "Hey Mormons are actually pretty cool and normal!" It was pretty funny! We were all laughing! We were able to go see them yesterday and meet a lot of the people from their church as well. They all loved us! It was great! 

This week we had a ward activity and we went to the state park to have a cook out and go fishing. It was so fun! I'm pretty pro at catching fish now. Look out Colb and Lang- i'm fixin to out fish ya! 

Have a blessed week! Stand Up, Speak out, And Be Different!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 34

Hey y'all! 

It was a pretty eventful week here in Queen City! On Monday we had interviews and went bowling as a district. It was a good time and my team won so that was pretty great! 
On Tuesday we decided to ride our bikes because we were running short on miles. Well Sister Hope decided that she needed to learn how to fly and ended up flying right into a stop sign! It was the funniest thing ever. Which makes me sound horrible but she is doing good and was laughing when I went to help her up! Her bike... not so much... the brakes don't work and the handle bars are bent.. but we are working on fixing that this week so we can hopefully be riding again soon. We also have to go to the doctors today to make sure that she really is okay! So that will be fun! That same night a group of the ward had a bbq and we were able to get to know people better! It was great! 
On Wednesday after DM we went with some members to the state line. Texas and Arkansas.. the 2 best states in the mission! 
On Thursday we went over to a members house for dinner and her daughter was making us brownies. Her mom told her to check them ( to poke them) and she didn't realize she meant to check it with a tooth pick and she turns around and says mom I am NOT sticking my finger in the hot stove! It was so funny! It probably doesn't sound super funny... but it was. 
Friday we learned how to skin catfish and cook it! That was pretty cool! I'm pretty pro at it now!
Saturday we watch conference. It was the best! I love conference. On Sunday while we were watching we were under tornado warning. So that made it interesting. We had to move to the center of the house and away from all the windows to watch. And luckily it didn't cut out too much. The weather here is always interesting! You never know what your going to get from one day to the next! 
My favorite quotes from conference were to Be Different and Happy! And Stand up on the Inside!

Share the gospel and have a happy week!  

Sister DeCamp