Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 29

Hey y'all! 
This week was so good! We had exchanges and Zone Conference AND Harley got baptized! 
On exchanges I was able to go with Sister Marble again. Shes' great! We always have a good time. This time we were able to go with the young women, it was a lot of fun! 

At Zone Conference Sister Olson talked a lot about trials and why we have them and how they are a blessing to our lives. It was a wonderful talk and it stood out to me because I had recently been studying about trials and how they are for our benefit. But when you are over your trial you should look back at what you learned and let all the grudges and hard feelings if you have any go. And I just thought that was pretty neat! 

Yesterday Harley got baptized. She is such an example to me as well as her family. Her mom who is not a member came up to us after and told us thank you and that she was wondering if she could start the lessons and that she also wanted to start coming to church as a family. It was the coolest and such a tender mercy! We love this family! 

I hope that y'all have a blessed week and remember that the Lord answers your prayers in lots of different ways! I love y'all! B happy and share the gospel! 

Sister DeCamp

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 28

Hey y'all! 

This week was one to remember! Valentine's day, 6 months in the field, and 50 cent corn-dogs!
On Monday we were able to go fishing and coon trapping! It was so fun, even though we didn't catch any fish...and our trap isn't closing like it's supposed to ( we should have caught some possums and squirrels- but possums are gross so it's okay) Memories were definitely made! 😁

On Valentine's day we celebrated by tracting and made maps of our area! Later that night we went to an investigators house and she made us Fish and fries and told us she would give us corn rows tonight! So we are looking forward to that! It should be an experience for sure!

This week we met with Harley and she is all ready for her baptism on Sunday! She is the cutest girl ever! Her grandma called us after one of our appointments and told us that she said " I love the missionaries, I wish I could live with them!" So Sister Frandsen and I are planning to take her home with us, ITS FINE!   We also had a really cool experience yesterday! It was POURING rain and a holiday so we decided to go and try and see a lot of less-actives and people we didn't know off the ward roster. Every door we knocked on let us in talked to us, and invited us back. Come to find out later that they are all people that usually tell the missionaries to leave. #TenderMercies All in all it was a great week! I love the people here in Texas! I also love that I am taller than the stop signs here! HA!

Have a blessed week y'all! 

Love always,
Sister DeCamp

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 27

Hey y'all!

This week was such a good week! We worked hard and were able to find a few new investigators and still managed to have a lot of fun! For P-Day last week we went bowling and I surprisingly came in second! It was a fun time! 

We also went tracting a lot and went to try formers and part member families! Those are the best! While we were leaving a part members house, I was getting in the car and accidentally slammed my foot in the door..really hard. But don't worry it isn't broken as far as I know! It swelled up so we put some ice on it and after a while the swelling went down and it is just a little bruised but I can walk on it just fine so I'm not too worried about it. 

On Friday we tracted a lot of the day and then had a Valentine's dance with the ward. It was a great turn out of ward members as well as investigators and a great way to introduce the ward to them! Our Investigator Harley was there and yesterday we were able to set her with a date. The last week in Feb. and we are really excited about that! 

We also had the privilege of talking in church yesterday. We were told right before the meeting started that the first speaker wasn't going to be there and so we needed to dig a little deeper into our talks and take up the whole time... Somehow we managed to do it! And it was a great Sunday!

I hope y'all have a blessed week and a Happy Valentine's day!

Sister DeCamp

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 26

Hey y'all! 

This week has been full of changes and adventures! I am now serving in Queen City/ Atlanta Texas!  The crazy cool thing is that I have now served in the 2 rarest states in the mission. My new companion is Sister Frandsen, she is from Springville Utah and actually came out with me, we met at the airport. She is the coolest! I also have a really big district now which is odd but really fun too.

The teaching pool isn't huge here but we are about to change that! We are teaching an older lady named Janice and we are also starting to teach a little girl named Haley. That is actually a really cool story! Yesterday we were fasting for someone to teaching and after sacrament a lady came up to us and introduced herself and her grand-daughter and said "Sisters this is Haley, she wants to get baptized when can we start the lessons?"  So that was pretty neat. 

I know that God answers our prayers and that he is mindful of us! Don't forget to pray and stay positive!

-Sister DeCamp