Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 48

 Hey everyone! 

This morning we got transfer calls. Sister Wilson will be flying back to Jamaica and I will be staying, but not just staying. I get to train again! I am so pumped! This area is a goldmine and such a fun place! 
We have a baptism on the 29 in the YSA ward! Her name is Jasmin and she is the COOLEST!! We had an amazing experience that she told me I could share. So when we met Jasmin she was pretty stand off ish towards us. She didn't really want us around (her roommate is a member which is how we met her) but she decided to stay in on a lesson we had which was about how much God loves us and how Jesus Christ went through everything with us and won't forget us. We shared 1 Nephi 21:14-16 and then asked if we could come back and explain a little more about the Book of Mormon. She was hesitant but agreed. We went back and read the introduction and shared some of the Restoration with her. We went back and talked about the spirit and how its small and she started crying because she said she could feel it. it was so special. We asked her to read the Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and come to church. She came to church and then we went to have a lesson with her. She had ended up downloading the Gospel Library app, and read every single pamphlet on there, as well as some of the Book of Mormon, taught us the lessons and then asked when she could be baptized because she knew it was all true. WHOA! It was really cool and put us in awe. This girl has completely changed her life in 2 weeks and was so prepared by the Lord. she is such an example to me. I know that the Lord has people prepared, and it takes people like us, like all of us, to help each other come to Christ. 

It's not always to go out of your comfort zone and talk to people about the Savior or even about church or our beliefs but I know that when we do that we are blessed and we can bless others.

Have a stellar week! I have to go help Sister Wilson pack her bags!! 

Sister DeCamp

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