Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 47

Happy Independence Day!! 
I hope y'all had as good of a day as I did! We were able to spend a lot of time with some new investigators as well as members from different wards! 

This week started off awesome with LaTesha and Kaydan's baptism! It was such a great day! Kaydan is an amazing example to me as well as his family. He is 10 years old and has such a love for the gospel and a desire to learn. On Sunday her bore his testimony and then in primary they talked about missions and he told everyone that he wanted to go. And then at his baptism he was dancing with joy about how he was getting baptized today. It was the cutest thing ever! And his desire to be at church is so cool. He takes off to class and keeps his family there. It's really funny and really cool to see too. 

We had zone conference last week and it was probably my favorite one since being out. They focused a lot on joy and how the gospel can bring us joy. They also had us write down our "whys" Why we came out on a mission and why we stayed out on the mission. It was kind of mind blowing to think about where I was a year ago in comparison to where I am now. And what is important to me. 

We were asked to study from Mosiah 2-4 this week. And it is about joy. I know that this gospel brings joy to our lives. It has brought so much joy to my life. Even on the hard days we can find joy and happiness from our Savior. Remember to look for the positives, Because you find what you look for, look for the good.

Love y'all
Sister DeCamp

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