Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 45

Hey y'all!

I hope y'alls week was as great as mine was!
We have 2 people getting baptized on July 2nd! LaTesha and her son Kaden! We are so pumped for them! We have had some of the best lessons with them and we had 5 investigators come to church!! It was kind of a big deal! We are so happy with the progress that is happening in our zone! 

We also had exchanges on Friday! It was great! I sure do love my STLs! I was able to go with Sister John. I love that girl! We are literally the same person. It was kind of crazy to figure out everything. But she is amazing and a great leader! We were able to work in the Purvis ward for a while.  -Side story we got pizza that night from a member but we were out and about so we just had them drop it off at the church and they put it up high so ants wouldn't get in it. Well we decided to sit on the sidewalk and eat and within like 5 minutes there were ants flocking to us. It was crazy. So i'm glad that the member put it up high. Lessons learned in the south.. haha 
So that night after exchanges we went to drive home and there was this insane storm! Like you couldn't see 5 feet in front of you! I'll attach a video for y'all! 

We also had interviews this week. I am so grateful for President Olson, he is such an inspired man. We had a good talk! He is so funny too. 

So crazy story of the week! The zone leaders found squirrels in the church a few days ago and chased them and got them out. Thought they got them all. Well on Sunday there was a very unfriendly smell in the church building. We were talking after church to some members and one lifted up the chair in the foyer and there was a dead squirrel! It was so gross and also funny... but that;s my story for the week!! 

I hope y'all have a blessed week! 
Remember that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and has been restored to this earth. And God answers our prayers. They may not be in the way that we think, but he does. And he loves us. Every single one of us. No matter what. A really great quote I read this weeks says "Every day your life’s course is determined by decisions you make, decisions others make, and sometimes by unexpected events. What matters is what you do or don’t do to chart a course that leads you back to God. When your response to life’s opportunities and challenges is faith and trust in His plan, you’ll receive the strength you need to succeed." I challenge y'all to keep this in mind this week!!

Love always,
Sister DeCamp

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