Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 44

Hey y'all!
I have been moved to Mississippi finally! And it's the best! I am LOVING it here! I am in the YSA branch and it covers the entire stake! We also have USM and it's awesome. I forgot how much people love college football...then I saw the stadium haha.  It's pretty big! 
My companion is Sister Wilson and she is Awesome! She is from Jamaica! We are always laughing and always lost. haha I have to drive and so I have no idea where I am going and she's never driven and didn't pay uch attention to where she was soo its always an adventure! But I am starting to figure things out! its an adventure for sure!

This week We taught a lesson on the word of wisdom And a few days later we went back and she told us that she had given up smoking and coffee. She knows it's not good and knows that what we tell is true because she has been praying. She Is set for a baptism at the end of the month! She is doing great!

I know that the Lord gives us council to keep us safe and healthy. The church is true! 
Remember to read the scriptures and say your prayers! 

Much love,
Sister DeCamp

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